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The Team8 Portfolio Company, comes Out of Stealth and launches its First Product upon a Disruptive Hybrid Architecture

The Israeli cyber security company Hysolate founded by
President Tal Zamir, a veteran of an elite Israeli cyber unit and the former
Research and development leader in Wanova, Dan Dinnar, former CEO of HexaTier
and executive sales officer at CyberArk Programming, has recently made the news
for raising around $8 million, led by the cuber security foundry Team8 and Eric
Schmidt’s Innovation Endeavors.
In light of the rising number of cyber threats the Team8
portfolio organization, has at last left stealth and instituted its first
There have been occasions that have in some way or the other
found a way to keep the enterprises indentured to regularly attempt to lock
down user devices, keeping the users from fully browsing the web, installing in
new applications, interfacing USB devices or communicating adequately with the
3rd parties or the cloud.
In different cases, enterprises are made to embrace an “air gap” security display or model that requires the clients to
really carry two laptops: one unhindered laptop for full internet use and
another entirely restricted laptop for favoured corporate access. While this
significantly enhances security, efficiency or in yet other words productivity
is additionally corrupted. This however never fails to further frustrate the
employees and fundamentally brings about the abatement of efficiency.
Hysolate, while keeping up the most elevated level of
security, enables enterprises to run various next to each other working system
on a solitary workstation, giving a consistent experience to the end-users. The
start-up is known for building its stage upon an option “hybrid”
design that disposes of these difficulties.
Zamir said, “While
we are proud to introduce Hysolate, what excites us even more is that we are
creating game-changing comprehensive security architecture for endpoints. The
feedback we have received from our first customers – who include some of the worlds
most respected and well-known brands – over the last year has been
overwhelmingly positive, and we look forward to rapidly expanding our customer
and partner base over the next year.”
Indeed, even Nadav Zafrir, Co-Founder and CEO of Team8
concurs that while most enterprise security products concentrate on security
first and users last, Hysolate is “secure-by-design”, guaranteeing no
compromise on both security and user experience. What’s more, he additionally
adds that since its beginning, the Hysolate group has far surpassed their
Hysolate, as of now is even working with some of the biggest
enterprises in the world, including a few of the world’s biggest banks,
innovation and technology merchants, money related service providers and other
enterprise organizations and remains the fourth company to be launched out of
Team8, joining Illusive Networks, Claroty and the recently launched Sygnia.

Source : EHackingNews

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