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Parrot Security OS 3.11 Released With Collection of New Powerful Hacking Tools & Car Hacking Menu

Parrot Security OS 3.11

Parrot Security OS 3.11 Released with new Powerful hacking tools along with Car hacking Menu and they included many improvements with a lot of security patches compare to the previous version.

Parrot Security OS 3.11 is a Penetration Testing & Forensics Distro dedicated to Ethical Hackers & Cyber Security Professionals.

Security Patches includes all the spectre/meltdown security patches and newly updated version of the Linux 4.14 kernel.

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Parrot Security OS 3.11 with Car Hacking Menu

A new car hacking menu includes with this new release that contains a collection of new hacking tools which is relevant for the automotive industry to test tools designed for testing real-world cars against hacking attack.

Moreover, the Metasploit and PostgreSQL packages have been updated and patched to work flawlessly in live mode, and the recently released Mozilla Firefox 58.0 “Quantum” web browser is included by default.

The Improvement includes the Parrot Studio edition designed for multimedia production, now with numerous improvements.

According to Parrot OS Report, Parrot Studio was reintroduced with many improvements, this special derivative of Parrot is designed for multimedia production as an improved version of Parrot Home for workstations, with many useful productivity tools pre-installed.

This release will probably be the last version of the 3.x series (except for eventual security updates), and we wanted to include some of the changes that we planned for parrot 4.x as a gift for our community. Parrot OS said.

You can Download the current Parrot Security OS 3.11 Here.

Source : GBHackers

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