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Girsh – Automatically Spawn A Reverse Shell Fully Interactive

Who didn’t get bored of manually typing the few lines to upgrade a reverse shell to a full interactive reverse shell (tty spawn, stty size …, stty raw -echo) or typing the command to use ConPTY.


With Girsh, just run it and it will detect the OS and execute the correct commands to upgrade it to a full interactive reverse shell.

For a Linux:

  • Get the terminal’s size
  • Spawn a tty using python2.7, python3 and python
  • Change the terminal as raw

For a Windows:

  • Dowload ConPTY on the same machine and same port as the reverse shell server
  • Listen for getting the ConPTY reverse shell


Two modes are available:

Simple listener

go run main.go listener -h
girsh listen [flags]

-h, --help help for listen

Global Flags:
-d, --debug Debug output
-p, --port int port to listen (default is 1234) (default 1234)


go run main.go -h
Generate a reverseshell oneliners (credits shellerator).
And listen then run stty raw -echo and send the python command to spawn a tty shell if it's Linux
or use ConPTY if it's windows

girsh [flags]
girsh [command]

Available Commands:
help Help about any command
listen Listen and spawn a fully interactive for windows and linux client

-d, --debug Debug output
-h, --help help for revshell
-p, --port int port to listen (default is 1234) (default 1234)

Source : KitPloit – PenTest Tools!

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