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Multiple Persistent XSS vulnerabilities in CentOS Web Panel

CentOS Web Panel

CentOS Web Panel is a Linux based web panel like Cpanel or Plesk and it has a couple of features for server management.

A Client-Side XSS vulnerability detected with CentOS Web Panel Version, allows an attacker to inject remote codes into the client-side browser to application requests.

With XSS vulnerability attacker can inject untrusted snippets of JavaScript into your application without validation. This JavaScript is then executed by the victim who is visiting the target site.

The vulnerabilities are located in the `id` and `email_address` parameters of the `index.php` file POST method request. Remote attackers are able to inject script code to the POST method request to manipulate the item listing output context. The request method to inject is POST and the attack vector is persistent on the application-side. The injection points are the both add POST method requests and the execution point occurs in the output location of both modules.

Security Researchers from vulnerability laboratory detected the vulnerability, it allows an attacker to hijack the sessions, Phishing attacks, malicious external redirects.

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The vulnerability is categorized as a medium one and the exploitation requires no privileged web-application user account and low user interaction. Researchers published a PoC explaining the vulnerability.

Mitigations – CentOS Web Panel

  • Researchers suggested sanitizing in the vulnerable `id` and `email address` parameters of the index.php file.
  • Disallow special characters and parameter inputs.

Source : GBHackers

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