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Safehats – The Best Alternative Bug Bounty Program for HackerOne and Bugcrowd


A Bug bounty program also known as vulnerability rewards program (VRP) is the one where security researchers can disclose vulnerabilities and can receive recognition and compensation for reporting bugs.

Bug bounty program is suitable for organizations of all sizes; it is a part of organization’s penetration testing plan.

Why SafeHats?

SafeHats most trusted and well-known alternative for Hackerone and Bugcrowd, with SafeHats it is an easy way to interact with Hackers and Researchers around the world.

Safehats community is made for hackers, developers, enterprises, and others to engage with each other over discussion forums, it enables your company to run your VRPs to secure your applications and also a private invite option to invite best security researchers to find all the loopholes.

Safehats for Enterprise

Safehats Connects security conscious Enterprises, Financial Institutions and Governments with the whitehat hacker to have their products check against serious of vulnerabilities.


A bug in your Website allows hackers to compromise your website and hackers can steal your customer’s sensitive data and payment cards, which results in substantial financial loss and reputation.

Safehats helps you to manage your vulnerability rewards program and helps to connect with highly skilled security researchers around the world so that you focus on fixing the bugs and create robust applications.

To Secure your Company.

Safehats for Researchers

Safehats provided a powerful managed interface composed of leading organizations and more than 1000s of Hackers, security experts, and Industry leaders.


With Safehats is a place where you can share opportunities, share knowledge, get access to various online resources.

Recently “ZERODIUM which hosts Tor Browser launched Zero-Day Bounty, and it is offering $1,000,000 for Zero-day exploits with Tor on Linux and Windows.”2016, “Google has paid out $3 million”, “Facebook has paid as much as $33k for a single bug report”.

Source : GBHackers

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